About Keng

Keng is an exceptionally talented Tattoo Artist who specializes in the now incredibly sought-after art of Bamboo Tattoo. We believe Keng to be, at the present time, the only practicing, qualified and experienced Bamboo Tattoo Artist in the UK. Keng has been practicing Bamboo tattooing for over 18 years.
Although for most of the year we reside on the beautiful island of Samui, Keng does go to the U.K. for one month a year to satisfy the demands of his U.K clients.

Keng has been drawing for as long as he can remember, having sat every weekend as a child sketching at his local Temple in Thailand. His talent was soon noted by the temple monks, whereby drawing and painting classes were arranged for him to develop his talent. At the tender age of 10, the Thai monks organized for Keng to paint the local Temples with ornate Thai designs. Taking Keng under their wing, the Thai monks requested that he live in the Temple to train to become a Grand Master Monk. His parents, however stipulating that he finish his schooling made this unfeasible, however Keng nevertheless visited the Temple every weekend to become versed in Buddhist spells, incantations and Bamboo Tattoo Art.

Just 5 years later, after his introduction to the art of Bamboo Art, Keng completed his first Bamboo Tattoo (normally training for this highly specialized and spiritual art form takes at least 8 years). Despite his obvious talent, Keng’s family sent him to medical school, where he studied medicine until his father sadly passed away and he was then able to forge his own career path. Keng then returned to the Temple and completed his Bamboo Tattoo training.

The Bamboo Rooms had been run successfully by Keng and Lauren for ten years now both in the U.K. And Thailand.

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